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Digital Marketing Roundup March 2021

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, a number web and technology companies are responding in different ways to help businesses, healthcare providers and users to get faster knowledge and to assist the global response to the pandemic.

  1. New features coming to Google Maps/Google Announced bunch of new features in Maps and GMB

Internal directions viewer, called indoor live view helps users to get the directions inside the buildings. This augment-reality based program helps to guide through airports, transit stations, and malls, etc and this feature is already live in some countries.

Another feature is a revamp of map interface mode of transportation on mobile. With this new update, users can scroll and see all modes without toggling through different tabs.


In addition to the directions interface, Google is adding a new type of driving route that’s optimized for lower fuel consumption


Google also plans to test a grocery pickup tool. This tool allows users to share the location and estimated time of arrival with the store via Google maps. The grocery order will be ready when the user reaches the shop.

While some features are live, Google hasn't told when the others will roll out globally.

Read more: https://blog.google/products/maps/redefining-what-map-can-be-new-information-and-ai

  • Microsoft ad’s Automate option

In the official blog, they said, “Starting in March 2021, you may see ad suggestions with auto-apply on the Recommendations page. You’ll get an email notification from Microsoft Advertising with suggestions for new ads depending on your email preference setting. You’ll have 14 days from the notification to review them. After that, the ads will be automatically enabled unless you choose to remove them.”

More details at: https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/post/march-2021/introducing-ad-suggestions-with-auto-apply-to-boost-ad-performance?feed=blogposts

  1. Property promotion ads for hotels- Launches globally

In property promotion, advertisers were only able to participate through an allowlist, but now advertisers will be able to participate directly through the Google Ads interface. Now, advertisers will be able to set specific bids for property promotion ads through the Google Ads interface, API and bulk upload system.  

Read more: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/10541931

  1. YouTube brings Youtube Shorts In The US

This is a Tiktok like shorts and Youtube announced about this in September 2020. Now it is available across the US. To support this they will have a huge library of songs in which they said millions of songs are available already and it is growing.

More details at: https://blog.youtube/news-and-events/youtube-shorts-united-states/

  1. Twitter Tests a New Option to View YouTube Clips In-Stream

Youtube streaming on Twitter was troublesome because of link issues and playing in streams, or coming as a clickable URL.

The new option of providing a way to youtube clips will be helpful for users as they can stay with the surrounding discussions.

Embed: https://twitter.com/TwitterSupport/status/1372592575849189381

  1. TikTok Adds New Auto-Reply Message Option for Business Accounts

Now business account users can set Auto reply options as in Fb messenger or whatsapp business account. This is available at ‘Message settings’. When people DM your business, or an auto-reply, based on the keywords of your choosing.

Embed: https://twitter.com/MattNavarra/status/1372124596233760768

  1. Instagram Launches TikTok-Like Remix Option for Reels

As explained by Instagram:

"Remix is enabled by default for all new reels you publish from a public account. To enable Remix on your older reels, tap the three-dot menu and hit “Enable Remixing”. To remix someone else’s reel, ask them to do the same. You can turn off Remix at any time via Settings, for all reels, or the three dot menu for the individual reel."

Instagram has published a video on their official handle: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNFzLUPh8PW/

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