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We are happy to bring you another roundup from the world of search and social. We have covered all major updates and announcements from Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn and hope this will help digital marketing professionals and enthusiasts to stay informed.

1. Google Has Rolled Out A Core Algorithm Update At The Beginning Of This Month

The June 2019 Google Core Update is now live and rolling. In a separate announcement, Google also said that it implemented a change in site diversity as well.

2. Updates from Google webmasters

i. Preferred Domain setting will be removed from webmasters

ii. Mobile-first indexing will be enabled for all new websites starting July 1, 2019

iii. New feature landing in the Search Console URL testing tools (like the AMP Test, Rich Results & URL inspection tool):

1️. Search within the markup
2️. Copy the code & tweak it!

iv. Social profile markup for Knowledge Panels is now deprecated. Now, Gooogle automatically discover profiles to include.

Extra shots: Hobbes S Sujith, the Technology Head at MyHobbes said that even though mobile-first indexing becomes a major factor in SEO industry with half of Google’s search results is been powered, website developers still focus on the old habits. First of all, let me explain what mobile-first indexing means. It simply means, Google mainly make use of the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking of a website. The developers create desktop version first and then to the mobile version, which in fact need to be other way around if you’re focusing business from Google. The old methods definitely kill the User-Experience and reduce the conversion ratio.

3. Instagram Now Allows Advertisers to Promote Branded Content From Other Channels

In an announcement Instagram said, “With branded content ads, businesses have an opportunity to tell their brand stories through creators' voices, reach new audiences and measure impact”


4. Facebook Added More Features to its Video Creation Kit

The new features allow to customize, automate and improve the workflow.

New additions:

i. Option to resize a video for different placements such as feed and stories 

ii. More temples are added in the Video Creation Kit

iii. Added 20 additional font options

iv. Save drafts option for unfinished videos

v. More stickers and templates for seasonal ads


5. More Custom Parameters Coming To Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft is launching parallel tracking, the final URL suffix, and some new custom parameters. Microsoft said that it creates a better experience for both the advertiser and the consumer.

i. With parallel tracking, the user will land directly to your final URL while all the click-measurement processing is done in the background. 

ii. A Final URL suffix specifies the parameters you want to be added to the end of your landing page URL. It will be available in the Campaign URL options’ section of campaign settings

iii. The advertiser can now define up to eight pairs of custom parameters in Microsoft Advertising

Read blog at:

6. Facebook Will Remove Certain Business Page Info Sections

The following sections will be removed from the company Page Listing options:


Company Overview



Personal Interests

Update from the social community:

7. Pinterest’s 'Complete The Look' Update

'Complete the Look' is a scene-based complementary recommendation system which adds more features to its ecommerce capabilities. It recommends relevant products in the fashion and home decor categories based on the context of the scene. This helps Users find more relevant product matches.

Read the blog:

8. Facebook Watch- Newsroom update

In their Newsroom update they said:

"We launched Watch globally less than a year ago, and there are now more than 720 million people monthly and 140 million people daily who spend at least one minute in Watch. On average, the daily visitors spend more than 26 minutes in Watch every day."

Here’s a brief of what are coming soon:

  1. Facebook will partner with global publishers in the entertainment and sports industry to deliver a wide range of content that people want to talk about.
  2. Creator and Digital Publisher Collaborations that will result in the creation of brand-new shows will debut on Facebook Watch.
  3.   Facebook’s originals will continue to deliver immersive, social experiences with new seasons of fan-favorites and series debuts.

More on the update:

9. Linkedin Launches Some Interesting New Features

i. Photo Tagging: This feature has actually been available since April but not for every user. Now LinkedIn has officially launched the functionality.

ii. Video Messaging: LinkedIn has added a new option to record video clips with its messaging process.

iii. Share a document or presentation option allows to post PDF and slides on Linkedin via the feed, in a group, or on a page

iv. A position change for ‘post’ button in the mobile app: It will be seen in the bottom center of the screen and message button in the top right corner.

10. Twitter is removing the precise location tagging in tweets

As per Twitter:

"Enabling precise location allows you to selectively add location information to your Tweets. This feature is off by default and you will need to opt-in to use it. This allows Twitter to collect, store, and use your precise location, such as GPS information."

Author Bio: Soumya is a Digital Marketing Analyst with 9 years solid experience focusing mainly on SEO aspects. Her skillsets which were gathered from researches, Google Patent followup, networking with other industry leaders, content creation and link building techniques helped hundreds of clients over a decade. Whenever required, she kick-starts social media promotions and campaigns to enhance her client’s brand reach. Her free time includes reading books and improving her knowledge in the digital marketing industry.

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