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Digital Marketing Roundup Jun 2021

In the June version of Digital Marketing Roundup, we provide the latest news and updates from the Digital marketing industry for the month. Have a look at what is new in Google search, WhatsApp selling, Facebook audio rooms, Instagram desktop updates and more.

  1. Google Shares How It Ranks News Sources

“To determine what constitutes meaningful transparency from news sources, we consider what types of information an ordinary person might find helpful if they want to assess a site’s credibility,” Google states on its Search Central Official Blog.

They shared some principles behind their approach:

  • Consider different regional and country-level expectations and practices around transparency
  • Look at a number of inputs and considering a breadth of editorial practices
  • Consider the information that is clearly available to users

They also shared some factors which they consider to decide whether it is relevant and publishable;

  • The news should have an article byline with the author bio
  • The article’s publishing date
  • Labeling to indicate the article type, for example, “Opinion” or “News.”

In addition to it, they consider some site-level factors such as the breadth of information, Staff information, Non-generic contact information and other organization-level information like owners and/or funding sources.

Read more at: https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2021/06/google-news-sources

2. New notices in Google Search Results

Google announced they will start showing new notices to provide more context about rapidly evolving Search Results. Users will be able to see a notice for results for queries such as emerging topics or breaking news when results may not be the most reliable.

Read more: https://blog.google/products/search/new-notice-search-rapidly-evolving-results/

  • Google Expands GMB profile editing capabilities in Search and Maps

With this update, Businesses will be able to create Posts directly from Search to share their updates or news.

This also helps food and restaurant businesses to accept orders for takeaways and deliver directly through their business profile on Search and Map. It will eventually lead to having an option to order online, directly from Google search.

More at https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/small-business/show-what-your-business-offers/

  • Article Carousel In Google knowledge panel

According to Google:

‘Going to be testing out different ways of organizing the content to ensure we optimize for the best experience.’

In the official blog, Google stated that they are testing the Article carousel under the knowledge panel. Since it is in the test stage, it is available for some selected authors and journalists only. Users can see what subjects that the person has recently covered and make it easy to find some of their latest work.

Embed: https://storage.googleapis.com/gweb-uniblog-publish-prod/original_images/Individual_Writer_GIF_1000x1000_15fps_1.gif

Read more: https://blog.google/products/news/learn-more-about-person-behind-news-article/

5. Shops on WhatsApp and Marketplace, Instagram Visual Search

Facebook CEO Mark made some big announcements through his facebook post. These are as part of the company’s ecommerce expansion which include Shops on WhatsApp, Shop listings in Facebook Marketplace, visual product search option on Instagram and shop Ads

The Shops on WhatsApp feature which will enable businesses to present their entire Shop within the messaging app, giving users another way to find products.

Embed: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10113319652002411

6. Instagram Desktop Version Expansion

Instagram is running a Live Test of Image and Video Uploads From the Desktop Version of the App.

6. Now Share Tweets Directly to Instagram On IOS devices

Twitter is now giving an option to share tweets directly to Instagram stories for iOS users. This provides more options to share tweets with people who share their tweets as screenshots.

More at: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/instagram-stories-share

7. Live Audio Rooms And Podcasts On Facebook

Facebook introduces Clubhouse like audio rooms to enable users to  find, listen in on, and participate in live discussions with public figures, experts, and others about topics you’re interested in.

Read official news: https://about.fb.com/news/2021/06/live-audio-rooms-and-podcasts-on-facebook/

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