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Branding first, promotions later: 10 reasons why

Sometimes, new businesses are eager to jump into promotional mode, pushing sales by brute force to get a jump-start on growth. I think it makes sense to first get the branding aspect sorted out. You can increase turnover with tactical moves for a while – but without the strategic framework of a strong brand, you are not going to build momentum for the long haul. This is marketing 101, but let’s revisit the ten reasons why you need to go to market with a strong brand:-

  • It’s a question of identity: Your brand is your business identity. It isn’t just a logo, a tagline and a company name: it’s the sum total of perceptions around your business. Without a clear brand story, you’re just another faceless me-too business.
  • It’s the starting point for business relationships: Customers form relationships with brands. Consistency around a brand builds trust and feeling of loyalty.
  • People remember a good brand: It’s important to be memorable. Recall enables repeat business and a strong, distinctive brand that people remember goes a long way.
  • It’s your social media passport: Social media engagement is emerging as a given for businesses. And without strong branding, it’s impossible to achieve traction in the digital realm.
  • It helps tie together your presence across platforms: With strong branding, your activities on different platforms have a clear tie-in with each other. Instead of being standalone units, they develop synergy.
  • People love stories: A good brand always has a brand story, an origin tale that your customers can connect with.
  • Branding can help David slay Goliath: Intimidated by a long-running brand’s staying power? Don’t be. With powerful branding, a newcomer can challenge the stalwarts on an even playing field.
  • Customers expect branding: Customers today are pretty branding-savvy. It takes a nuanced, distinctive brand to cut through the clutter and warrant their mind share.
  • Without effective branding, everything else is wasted: the truth is, business success is deeply brand driven today. You may have the best service, killer technology or jaw-dropping design; unless you weave a great brand message around it, you’re still going to lose out.
  • Great branding makes for great business: Top decision makers and influencers have many demands on their time and attention. If your branding is truly smart, you can catch their attention and multiply the reach of your branding.

So there you go. Ten simple, yet crucial reasons why you need to get your brand story in place before you launch your outreach and promos. At i-Vista, we know that great business results are driven by great branding.

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