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10 great link building strategies you may not be using

Great content, and a lot of link-backs – these are the pillars of having a site that fares well in the SEO stakes. This blog has featured strategies and tactics for gaining more links in the past. Let’s take a look at ten awesome strategies that are not that obvious:

  1. Sponsor themes and submit to CSS galleries: There are loads of free themes for WordPress, Tumblr and Joomla being made. The people who make these themes are constantly looking for sponsors for their themes. By sponsoring a great theme or CSS that relates to your market, you can be assured of a large number of links through mandatory mentions of you link, perhaps in the footer of these themes. Visit sites like websmasterforums.com to find theme builders. Similarly, submit your site to free CSS galleries for more eyeballs – but be sure you have a top-notch CSS first (it’s something you should do anyway)!
  2. Release an eBook: Lots of companies are using this strategy these days, notably consultancies like Hubspot. Compile a selection of your content into an ebook and submit it to eBook directories and promote it on your networking platforms. Link to your site in a restrained way, but most of all make sure the content is useful enough that your eBook spreads far and wide – spreading those links to your site at the same time!
  3. Be a curator: With a little practice, it’s easy to create regular posts that point readers to great content related to your key topics around the web. By doing this, you encourage people to link to you because of the useful affiliations that you create, and you also increase the likelihood of being noticed and linked to by influencers if you send them a lot of traffic.
  4. Be a link magnet: When you share content from a service like YouTube, you wind up giving them multiple links back. You can use this strategy for yourself too. Create great content and then build multiple link-backs into the procedure for sharing this content. You’re earning these links honestly by producing content that is worth the effort in the first place.
  5. Create a widget: Creating or sponsoring a widget that relates to your offering can get you great link mileage. Do you specialize in assisting people with tax filing and tax consultancy? If you can conceptualise and launch a widget that helps people calculate their potential taxes and savings, it’s the kind of thing people will share across the web. Be creative and think of a great widget you can make for your audience.
  6. Build relationships: Everything you do to build links doesn’t have to be built around your site. Instead, make sure you’re cultivating good contacts in your industry in person, at seminars, or via telephone, post and email. The better they know you the more likely they are to link to you or to enter into a collaborative content strategy that will give you mileage.
  7. Praise others: You use a lot of products and services. Make sure you find places online where you can review them or contribute testimonials. Write to the companies that offer these products or services and request to send them a testimonial. These are great ways to build goodwill and get links back to yourself.
  8. Be a guest/be a host: Your key influencers are looking for great content. If you believe you have the material for a great piece of content on a relevant topic, offer to contribute. This helps you reach out to a new audience and spread you links further.  Similarly, offer experts the chance to contribute guest spots to your blog or site; they will in turn link to you.
  9. Target influencers on social networks: Mentions on social networks like Facebook or Google+ are becoming increasingly important in gaining a good Search Engine ranking. Make reaching out on these networks with share-worthy content a big part of your activities.
  10. Trackbacks: Do not underestimate the power of trackbacks. Look up relevant sites and blogs that provide trackbacks to external links and be sure to add links to them when you put up any new piece of content. Over time, this will increase your link network to a great degree.

So there you go – ten practical, proven ways you can get more links back to your site. Want more? Then how about getting in touch with the i-Vista Digital Marketing team for a customized web strategy?!

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