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Digital Marketing Roundup May 2021

In the May version of Digital Marketing Roundup, we provide the latest news and updates from the Digital marketing industry for the month. Have a look at what is new in microsoft ads, Yelp update, Linkedin new ad features, instagram hide like and other information.

  1. Now import Facebook Ads to Microsoft Audience network

The facebook import feature allows advertisers to bring in their campaigns to Microsoft Audience Network without much effort. According to Microsoft,  This new feature saves your time and maximizes ROI by bringing the campaigns to one place. Facebook Import can be used as a standalone tool, as well as a powerful complement to any existing Google Import strategy.

Read more at: https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-au/blog/post/may-2021/easily-import-your-facebook-ads-into-the-microsoft-audience-network

  1. Google integration with Ecommerce Platforms

Google has announced about the integration with Ecommerce platforms Shopify, WooCommerce, GoDaddy and Square. This allows online sellers to list their products on Google.

Set up help: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/create-marketing/google/setup

  1. Google News Showcase is now available on desktop

Google rolled out the ‘news showcase’ feature for desktop users of Google News. Previously it was available on mobile only.

Users can see the news showcase panels on their top stories page of Google news.
Read more at: https://blog.google/products/news/google-news-showcase-update-desktop

  1. New Yelp for Business Features

Yelp has introduced some new features such as Custom Location Targeting and a new budget editing experience to give more control for business owners over their target audience and budget.

Along with this Yelp has some more updates which makes the panel more user friendly.

i. They restructured the yelp mobile app dashboard
ii.Published a guide for business owners to set up and use Yelp to market themselves.

Iii. Guidance on ad text

iv. Customizable Call to Action

Read more: https://blog.yelp.com/2021/05/yelp-releases-new-yelp-for-business-features-enabling-more-effective-advertising-and-adding-control-and-value-for-business-owners

  1. Options to hide public comments on Instagram and Facebook

Now users can hide like counts on instagram and facebook. After years of testing these social platforms introduced an opt-in experience for hiding like counts which allows people to disable seeing them across all all posts.

Read more:https://about.instagram.com/blog/announcements/giving-people-more-control

  1. LinkedIn introduces Event Ads and boosted posts

LinkedIn has released two new ad products – Events Ads and Boosted Posts.

The events ads appear on Linkedin feed, with information including date, time, how to register and if any mutual connections want to attend events. Advertisers can benefit from this as it is a great way to promote digital or in-person events.

The Boost option allows Advertisers to promote posts directly from the linkedin page. This feature is similar to facebook’s boost option.

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